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Linchris Hotel Corporation culture

Why Work with Us

Taking care of guests starts with taking care of our employees. Linchris is dedicated to providing its industry professionals with benefits, incentives, and a working environment that fosters energy, growth, and loyalty across the board.

Linchris' owner approach to management brings out the entrepreneurial spirit of each general manager, encouraging them to reach peak profitability and guest satisfaction, operating as if each property were their own

Why Work With Linchris Hotel Corporation
"Keeping with the Linchris tradition of rewarding those employees who have showed the ability to lead and inspire those among them."
~ Christopher Gistis
Hire from Within
Linchris has had a long-standing policy of hiring and promoting from within which not only provides job security to employees but also paves a path to growth within the organization. Most of the general managers at Linchris started as department heads, or even line-level employees, and currently, the average GM tenure is 9.1 years.
Hire from Within linchris
Unmatched Employee Benefits
Linchris offers competitive wages, a full employee benefits package, including vacations, health, dental, and life insurance, 401k plan, travel benefits and discounts at all Linchris managed hotels. Our sabbatical program ensures that veteran managers get plenty of time off to be with family, pursue their hobbies and return feeling recharged and ready to attend to guests' needs. Every eight years, managers receive a paid three-month sabbatical and a bonus to use during their time away.
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Employee of the Year
At Linchris, we believe in acknowledging members of our team for their hard work and dedication. Our annual tradition of choosing an Employee of the Year was designed to honor one exemplary employee who best represents the Linchris Hospitality Standards for "Driving Excellence" in a particular year. Nominations are based on letters of recommendation from each hotel's General Manager. Additionally, each GM is also allowed to speak with the panel of judges to explain why his/her employee should be named the Linchris Employee of the Year.
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Special Employee Rates
All active Linchris employees at Linchris corporate offices and managed hotels are eligible for a team member to travel discount at any of our hotels, based on availability.
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