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Latest News & Events in Hospitality

Stay updated on the most current news and events from Linchris Hotel Corporation. Check our latest accomplishments and key updates from past months.

As our company continues to build on its past successes and work towards its mission, we invite you to join us in celebrating the events and milestones that contribute to that goal. Find out more about some of our most recent industry awards and notable mentions, see what publications are saying about our properties and learn more about our management team.

Latest News & Events in Hospitalit
"Our success can only be measured by the personnel who run the properties, who sell the meeting space, who make up the beds, who make sure the breakfast buffet stays hot, and who make sure the heat runs in the winter and the air-conditioning in the summer. It's our Linchris Family, all of you, at our many properties up and down the East Coast and at our corporate headquarters in Plymouth, MA, who are the rock-steady foundation which we have built this company on for over 36 years. And that foundation has always been unwavering"
~ Christopher Gistis