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Management Training Program

The purpose of the program is to recruit and train managers in hotel operations, so the individuals are proficient in the Linchris Hotel philosophy of high guest service standards, efficient hotel operations and employee satisfaction. This program will target recent college graduates. The goal is to develop General Managers and at the end of the program the candidate would be prepared to either be a limited service General Manager, Assistant Manager or Department Manager. In addition to our robust Manager in Training Program, Linchris Corporation also offers internships to undergraduates.

About OUR Manager In Training Program

The purpose of the program is to recruit and train managers in hotel operations, so the individuals are proficient in the Linchris Hotel philosophy of providing the highest levels of employee and guest satisfaction, career growth opportunities and efficient hotel operations. This program targets recent college graduates interested in a career in hospitality. The goal of the program is to accelerate the growth of the candidate and prepare them for a management career with Linchris. At the successful completion of the program the candidate would be prepared for a management position as an Assistant Manager, Department Manager or limited service General Manager. In addition to our robust Manager in Training Program, Linchris Hotel Corporation also offers internships to undergraduates.
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  • Program candidate selection criteria and eligibility
    • Intelligent, exhibits ability to analyze situations and problem solve
    • Excellent communication skills, team leadership skills, confident, ability to communicate with diverse individuals
    • Strong work ethic, desire to improve position in life
    • Willingness to relocate
    • Great Attitude
    • Timeframe for individuals to complete the program is 8-12 months
    • Interviews will be conducted during career days at the schools and with senior leadership members at the Linchris corporate office.
    • Future growth will likely occur at the company's larger hotels. Candidates will receive a variety of training at both focused-service and full-service hotels. Upon successful completion of the Linchris Manager in Training Program, candidates hired will be assigned to a hotel based on positions available and the skills of the candidate.
  • Manager in Training Program Details
    • Candidates will participate in all management functions, such as quarterly business reviews, staff and committee meetings, disciplinary proceedings, payroll submissions, budget planning, and business plan development.
    • Trainees will work the hourly positions then spend time working directly with both line level associates and department managers.
    Areas of concentration:
    • Rooms Division (8-12 weeks) - Front desk, guest service, night audit, PMS systems
    • Food and Beverage (6-8 weeks) - Service, menu planning, cost controls, kitchen operations sanitation
    • Accounting (4-6 weeks) - Payroll, accounts receivable, human resources
    • Housekeeping (4-5 weeks) - Scheduling, payroll control, purchasing, cleanliness standards
    • Maintenance (3-4 weeks) - PM program, energy conservation, renovations, cost controls
    • Sales and Marketing (6-8 weeks) - Action planning, internet marketing, Brand resources, market segmentation
    • Administrative and General (4-6 weeks) - Financial analysis, quarterly reviews, departmental meetings, employee and customer surveys
    • Revenue Management (1-2 weeks) - Reports, rate philosophy, best practices, displacement analysis, revenue management, STAR report
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About Linchris Hotel Corporation

Why Linchris? Working with Linchris gives you tremendous opportunities for growth, personal development, career longevity, and to mentor with our best GMs. Linchris Hotel Corporation is a growing hotel management firm with over 33 hotels in more than 11 states. Linchris provides the highest standards in service and satisfaction, along with top performance ratings. This achievement is due to hiring motivated employees who possess a desire for excellence and growth within the organization.
The average tenure of our senior management team is over 23 years, which is largely due to the leadership of Chris Gistis, CEO. Chris founded Linchris Hotel Corporation in 1985. He is known within the industry for cultivating opportunities for people to grow within the hotel management company and supports them when they identify better ways to serve each hotel guest. Chris Gistis is a trailblazer in understanding the personal and professional commitments reflective of the hotel and hospitality industry and has implemented an incentive plan that encourages Linchris general managers to take a 3-month paid sabbatical after 5 years of service. These are the convictions and practices that have made Linchris CEO Christopher Gistis one of the hospitality industry's most admired and respected leaders. Working for Linchris will open a wide-variety of professional opportunities within the hospitality industry.
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