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Linchris now offers a unique incentive plan unsurpassed in the hospitality industry. After the first eight years of service, Linchris general managers are entitled to a three-month paid sabbatical, and a bonus. Tech-types can talk all they want about the 24/7 life, it can't compare to the routine of a general manager. Nights, weekends, holidays - every time someone is out, it's the GM who fills in. Now Linchris gives them the time off they need. There are no strings attached, said Chris Gistis, founder and chief executive of the 15-year old company. "You can do nothing if you want. You can do things with your children when they are 10-years old that you won't be able to do when they are 15. The important thing is the opportunity to recharge your batteries."

Find out what popular press outlets are saying about working for Linchris, and learn more about our eight-year paid sabbatical program.
"The Linchris 3-month Paid Sabbatical program allows GMs to recharge their
batteries and train department heads to be GM's"
- Glenn Gistis

The Patriot Ledger

(MA) Linchris Hotel Corp., a hotel management firm based in Hanover, MA, is giving its general managers and corporate executives a sabbatical after they work there for eight years. Chris Gistis, Linchris founder and owner, instituted the program this year. Nick Pancoast, general manager of the Holiday Inn in Concord, NH is looking forward to fulfilling his life-long dream of bicycling cross-country . "Usually you don't get that much time off until you retire," says Pancoast. "When they announced the program everyone was shocked, but by the end of the meeting I knew what I wanted to do."

Boston Herald

Linchris Hotel Corp. of Hanover, MA has a new policy that will give general managers a three-month paid leave on their eighth anniversary. While unusual, the paid sabbatical is one of the latest tools companies are using to keep top talent. Chris Gistis, the founder and President of Linchris, says he set up the policy to help combat burnout among top executives and also to encourage them to spend time with families who can wind up shortchanged over the five years. "We're competing with a lot of other industries for good employees and good managers," Gistis said.

The Enterprise

(MA) Many workers might wish to have more free time, but one locally-based company is requiring it. Hanover-based Linchris Hotel Corp. is requiring general managers and corporate executives to take a three-month paid sabbatical after eight years with the company. Chief Executive Officer Chris Gistis said he hopes it will prove to be a sound business decision, but his primary motivation is to give his general managers something he wished he had more of when he was in their shoes - quality time with their families. "It gives us an edge to retain and attract good people," said Gistis. "But my primary motivation is to give something back."

National Hotel Executive

"Linchris Reflects Ideal Approach to Employee Growth"
While most of the world relaxes to a temperate beat, the hard-working Yankee keeps faithfully grinding away sacrificing personal lifestyle over workplace to keep the economy booming. Only recently though, has it been brought to light, that perhaps this strong devotion to the workplace may just be the reason why employee burnout is on the rise, why employee turnover is so high, why families are falling apart, why people are not finding job fulfillment, and why Prozac is such a popular drug.
Linchris Hotel Corporation has monitored this trend, and has embarked on a mission of nurturing it's employees, to ensure these valuable assets not only grow with the company, but blossom to their full potential.
Linchris CEO Chris Gistis is doing this by instituting a mandatory three-month paid sabbatical for his corporate executives and general managers after eight years of service. And just to make sure the employee is having fun, Gistis presents a bonus to each individual at the start of each sabbatical.
What prompted Linchris to give their executive employees such a terrific program? "The program has two primary purposes," says Gistis. "One is to compensate our General Managers for the personal time they have lost with their families as a result of working in an industry that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and frequently requires the managers to work evenings, weekends and major holidays. "
The second purpose is to aid in attracting, developing, and retaining good general managers. In addition, the program gives the GMs an opportunity to "recharge the batteries" so that we can avoid the burnout factor. Having worked as a GM myself for a number of years, I have experienced the demands of the industry and the effect it can have on one's family."

New England Real Estate Journal

The success of Linchris can be placed on the company's emphasis on guest services, and by taking care of the employees that take care of their guests. A veteran of an industry that demands the business be open 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Linchris CEO Chris Gistis knows the burn-out factor can be the prime reason in employee turnover. "I missed too many Little League games because I was busy working," recalls Mr. Gistis. "It's an opportunity that I'll never be able to recapture. But it doesn't have to be that way for the people who work for us." Mr. Gistis has recently introduced a mandatory three-month paid sabbatical for his corporate executives and general managers after eight years of service. And just to make sure they're having fun, he presents them with a bonus at the start of each sabbatical.
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