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Safety & Cleanliness in The Linchris Hotel Corporation
Linchris Cares for Your Safety

Our Safety Commitment

Our people-centric philosophy makes it only natural to care more during tough times. With the world opening up, we have upgraded our safety protocols to suit your new vacation habits.

Guest safety was and always will be our top priority. Linchris hotels and resorts are equipped with our latest safety guidelines to inspire trust and confidence. Our guestrooms are properly sanitized and so are the public amenities.

Our Safety Commitment

Safety Standards at Linchris Hotels & Resorts


  • Rooms and suites are disinfected between occupancies.
  • Regular housekeeping service is available only upon request.
  • Contactless delivery of essential items at room doorstep.
  • Reusable objects (like pens, papers, menu cards, brochures, etc.) are removed.

Public Space

  • Seating in lounge and dining areas adjusted to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available at the properties.
  • Card payments (debit and credit) are accepted at hotels.
  • Quick check-in and check-out available.

Sanitization Measures

  • Public amenities (like pools, gym areas, etc.) and high touchpoint areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Technologies and chemicals approved by local authorities and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) only applied across all Linchris properties

Employee Health

  • Sick employees are asked to stay at home.
  • Housekeeping staff supplied with essential gears (sprays, chemicals) and equipment (PPE kits, masks, gloves)
Before You Travel
  • Can I expect shuttle services from pick-up and drop from airports?
    Depending on your destination, shuttle services may or may not be available at our properties. But we are trying to avoid clustering in confined spaces, of which, unfortunately, a public shuttle is one. It would be preferable and safe if you arrange your transport.
  • What amenities can I expect to be open?
    Following the mandate of local governments and CDC guidelines, some services and amenities at your destination hotel may be eliminated or modified. However, our enhanced safety protocols are designed to protect you from excess exposures in most of our common spaces and guestrooms. Book with confidence.
  • What is the safest travel option now?
    Your mode of travel may differ with the destination you choose. But there are some simple tips you can follow for a safe journey. The trick is to avoid congested places.
    • Cover as much distance you can in private vehicles.
    • Use masks in busy transport hubs, like airports. Always pack more masks.
    • Don’t push yourself. If you have a temperature or cough, stay at home. We will still be there when you get better.